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Feb. 27th, 2005 @ 02:44 pm TM week 2005-2-27
Current Mood: sadsad, but loved
What can you say is truly yours?

My brothers.

But I watched them die, one by one, all except for Macalaure. He and I have been together most of our lives, though he's always been a bitof a drifter, both physically and mentally. Now he drifts again, he has found a lover, and though I know that he's happy, his absence leaves an empty space in my heart.

And Findekano.

You, my love, are the one thing in my life that is truly mine. Even if everything else I have is taken from me, you will still be there, your fea and mine closely bound, so that even death may not separate us. It does not matter that we fight, that we spend long ages apart; no matter the distance between us, we are still one. Even if we wanted it to be otherwise, it could not be.

You are mine, my beloved, and I am eternally yours.
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