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Mar. 25th, 2005 @ 08:33 am TM week 2005-03-18
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The Scariest Moment

There have been many moments in which I have been afraid, but the time that I was most afraid, was when Morgoth and Ungoliant destroyed the Two Trees. I was out with my cousin when it happened, so I was not aware at the time that my grandfather Finwe had been murdered. To begin with the loss of light was so tiny and gradual that it was barely noticeable. After ten minutes, I could tell that something was wrong with the light. After twenty, it was pitch-black, except for what light came from the stars.

I had never seen the stars before. Always in Valinor, their light was obscured by the light of the Trees.

Findekano and I ran back to the house, people were panicking, running around blindly, screaming. They had lit torches, and my father was leading a group of people to the city square, a procession of fire and chanting. He gathered them together and began to speak to them, no, rant at them, and it was there I learned of my grandfather's murder, and of the actions of Morgoth and Ungoliant that had destroyed the Trees.

That which could not be destroyed, was gone. I had been born in the Years of the Trees, and I knew nothing else but their presence and light. How could it be possible that something could come here, and damage that? It was impossible. And yet it had happened.

I think what scared me the most though, was the look of madness in my father's eyes.

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